Las palabras de Gerrard Basset para Chile

Acá te dejamos el mensaje del mejor sommelier del mundo para nuestro país.

“This year in March 2012 I was extremely fortunate to visit Chile for a wine trip organized by ‘The Sommelier Chilean Association’ and ‘Wine of Chile’. I had a magnificent trip and found a country with a very vibrant wine industry. I discovered some very exciting wineries and met many enthusiastic wine makers and winery owners. Overall, the wines were delicious and to my surprise, so were the different Piscos I tasted. I also run seminars for sommeliers and other wine professionals and I was hugely impressed by the serious and evident passion from the people who attended my seminars. I hope to come back soon because Chile is an amazing country with wonderful people”

Gerard Basset
Master Sommelier
Best Sommelier of the World 2010